Mega Deals

Banco do Brasil acquires Cielo

Announced: February 2024 Deal Value: 1.2B

The largest deal in the LATAM region in Q1 2024 was the sale of Cielo to Banco do Brasil for $1.2 billion dollars, at 3.4 times revenue in February 2024.

Banco do Brasil acquires Cielo Banco do Brasil acquires Cielo

Key Transactions

Nayax acquires VMtecnologia

Announced: March 2024 Deal Value: $28M

VMtecnologia, a Brazilian developer of mobile financial software, was purchased by Israel-based acquirer, Nayax, with the purpose of solidifying its regional position in the LATAM fintech market.   

Nayax acquires VMtecnologia Nayax acquires VMtecnologia

Bain Capital acquires Octobot

Announced: February 2024

Octobot, a Uruguayan provider of custom software products, was acquired by USA private equity firm Bain Capital. The deal purpose aimed to expand Bain Capital's subsidiary Sparq digital product development services and nearshore delivery capabilities.

Bain Capital acquires Octobot Bain Capital acquires Octobot

Vela Software acquires Servcom

Announced: January 2024

Brazilian developer of computerized automation software, Servcom, was acquired by Vela Software (Constellation Software subsidiary). This transaction aimed to strengthen Vela's presence in Brazil in he space of software development and consulting.

Vela Software acquires Servcom Vela Software acquires Servcom

Harris Computer acquires Modyo

Announced: January 2024

Canadian acquirer Harris Computer bought Chilean provider of cloud-native-based next-generation frontend platforms Modyo. This deal aims to expand its company portfolio in Latin America.

Harris Computer acquires Modyo Harris Computer acquires Modyo

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